Stationery stores are basically considered as a distribution house engaged in selling/distribution of stationery products which are divided into many categories like Writing instruments, File & Folders, Books & Art products, and Office accessories.


Bringing the wide range of items & categorizing them and displaying all those hundreds of items to the customers in a pleasant & organized manner is the most difficult task that all the stationery shop owners face with the emerging new brands every day.

In order to ease the display of such variety of products in an organized manner, Expanda Stand introduces the modular, flexible shelving system with multiple options that allows you to display and sell all these SKUs. These multiple options are nothing but the accessories which when added to the basic modular shelving system of Expanda Stand converts it into an organized rack for stationery display. The racks which are equipped with accessories for stationery displays are often called as Stationery store racks/Stationery display racks.

Following are the types based on the location & model of stationery display racks:

1) Wall Mounted Stationery Display Racks

2) Wall Side Stationery Display Racks

3) Island Stationery Display Racks

4) End Stationery Display Racks


Basically, the most important accessories required for the stationery display racks are Perforated backpanels/Perforated back sheets, Product merchandising system like Peg hooks, Slat wall hooks, Dividers for Books & files and Visual merchandising units like Label Holders & a small size Branding unit of 150 MM height which will serve as a category indicator or brand promoter. Check out the Product merchandising & Visual merchandising section to create an enhanced shopping experience.



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