The importance of a proper Retail display comes into the picture. The way the products are displayed can highly elevate the sales or drop the sales depending on the way it is done. The best Display racks manufacturers in India, Chennai have innovative and creative options to help you get it right.

Customers need to see the price. Customers nowadays are smarter. They will buy the product only after checking price, expiry dates, etc. If it is not visible, they might feel less inclined to purchase the product. So, display the prices, using price clips, shelf talkers, and visual merchandising aids in your own creative way to entice the customers by providing all the information that your shoppers are looking for.

Look out for our Varieties of display options available

Pegboard Displays–Pegboard displays are one of the basic display solutions that most retail stores possess. Most retailers especially the grocery stores use it to just display products whilst others like stationery shops can also take the advantage of versatility behind the pegboards.  These displays are available is fiber boards, metal, wooden panels, having equally spaced holes generally made available with 50mm & 25mm pitches. This provides an inexpensive way to organize and re-arrange or reposition the products at ease.

Slatwall display–Slatwall is another modified idea of a pegboard but unlike the pegboards, Slatwall is produced with more emphasis on the aesthetics, hence more elegant than the pegboards. Slatwall displays are available with wooden and aluminum combinations or in standard metal. Unlike pegboards, slat walls have slots which run horizontally wherein the hooks/shelves/bins can be placed and moved horizontally along the line for your displays.

Gridwall display – These are displays made of wire metal grid which is available in powder coated, chrome finishes. These have similar characteristics as the pegboard displays while this product is most economical and preferred for light weight and low-cost products. These are easy to use, customize, and light to carry around or move to different places. Grid Walls can be fixed on walls or can be used as freestanding units.

Table displays – As the name implies, table displays are used on table tops or counter tops like the traditional chocolate displays which are made of metal or wood. Some are also available with a rotatable table or display either manual or mechanized.

Specialty displays – These are displays used for specific products or for particular purposes which include refrigerated displays, wine racks, jewelry displays, bookcases, magazines etc.

These are the various forms of retail display options available in general. Displays cost varies from inexpensive to the most expensive depending upon the materials used, design and the frame work.  

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